4th Lions World Song Festival for the Blind "Sounds from the Heart"

14th - 16th November 2019, Krakow/Poland

In all 4 editions (2013 - 2019) 90 performers from 24 countries and 4 continents performed during Lions Festival: Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Gambia, Ghana, Georgia, Holland, India, Ireland, Iceland, Kosovo, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA, Hungary and Italy.
We are still growing up! We would like the next edition to be even bigger and more varied. Be a part of 5th edition!

In compliance with Lions Clubs International Foundation SightFirst programme, Kraków Lions Clubs have initiated Lions World Song Festival for the Blind ‘Sounds from the Heart’. Our aim is to promote awareness of the difficulties and needs of those with their sight impaired.

The contest is intended for talented vocalists struggling with sight problems – blind or partially sighted, who are not professional musicians. We believe that because of the competition, they could be spotted by the music industry and start their professional careers.

The venue for the festival is Kraków, a city distincted by the European Commission in ‘Access City Award 2011’ competition for recognition of its initiatives aimed at making life easier for the handicapped. One of these initiatives is a special tourist route using three-dimensional maps and GPS technology to make access to the city’s cultural and historical heritage easier for blind and vision impaired people.

Invitation on 2nd edition - download video in: *.3gp*.mp4*.avi


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Be a part of this project:

♪ with the help of local blind communities, associations or music schools, try to find vocally talented people from your area

♪ with the help of music industry professionals, choose the best candidate

♪ assist the candidate in applying for our contest

♪ ask a renown songwriter to create the lyrics, and a renown composer to write original music for the contestant

♪ help your vocalist record a hit song in a professional studio

♪ on behalf of your LIONS Club fill in the application form

♪ in accordance to the regulations, submit a DVD with the recording of a song by the 31st May, at the latest.

An international jury will then do a thorough evaluation of the songs and will choose the best ones for the final. The vocalists will perform their songs live in front of a wide festival audience.

A professional, international jury will choose the winners of the Festival and the audience will choose their favourites for the audience award.