Participants 2017

Azuma Aguure, Ruth Aguure, Grace Maku Atteh, George Kyeremateng, Talata Gladys Waadi (Adom Prefect Vocal Local Band) – Ghana
“Jesus, Jesus is the name”

Lyrics: Adom Prefect Vocal Local Band
Music: Adom Prefect Vocal Local Band
The Vocal Band was formed on 27th September 2012 in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. The band was founded to mobilize and show talents and abilities of the visually impaired in country and build music industry in Ghana.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Isabel Baltus & Max den Enting – Netherlands
“You’ll see you can”

Lyrics: Isabel Baltus
Music: Isabel Baltus

Isabel has sixteen years old. When she was seven years old, she started taking piano lessons. She sang in a children choir until she was eleven. She wrote that: “I couldn’t read the lyrics because I’m blind, but I knew the words by singing them all day”. In 2012 Isabel took a part in the Dutch junior song contest. Now, she still love singing and playing the piano. She really like musicals. Last year she played in ‘High School Musical’. Max is playing the pianopart of this song. Max is also blind and a well-trained pianist.
Support: Royal Dutch Visio

Przemysław Cackowski – Poland
“Kolejny hit” („Next hit”)

Lyrics: Przemysław Cackowski
Music: Przemysław Cackowski

Przemysław is one-person, still evolving band.  His music is a mix of many genders: poetry, jazz, rock and ambient. He is involved in many theatrical and musical projects. He was cooperation with many well-known polish artists as Andrzej Zarycki, Renata Przemyk, Mietek Szczęśniak or Patrycja Markowska. He was performing during many festivals and musical events.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Diana Elena Cazan – Romania
„Crazy questions” („Întrebări nebunești”)

Lyrics: Mihaela Dumitru
Music: Diana Elena Cazan

Diana Elena was born in Craiova. When she was eighteen she graduated Music & Arts School. In 2009 she graduated music conservatory. She has participate in several music contests. Now she works in the Academic Choir.
Support: LC Crajova.

Samantha De Rosa – Italy
“Promettimi” (“Promise me”)
Lyrics: Massimiliano Cernecca
Music: Massimiliano Cernecca
Singing is her passion. She had experience in many fields of art. She was taking part in theatric plays, she was singing with choir and she was performing together with jazz band. Samantha took part in many music contests: both editions of Lions World Song Festival for the Blind in Krakow, “All Factors” contest, in spring edition of Tour Music Camp and in two editions of “Premio Braille”. She took part in eliminations of Tour Music Fest with Maestro Mogol, where she was participating in scholarship for vocalists.
Support: LC Udine Host, LC Udine Castello, LC Udine Lionello.

Zaal Devadze – Georgia
„Imedi” („Hope”)
Lyrics: Iasha Tavdgiridze
Music: Tariel Darchia
Zaal was born in Batumi. In 1977 he have started education in music school in Tbilisi. In 1989 after finishing school he have returned back to his home city and started work in ensemble “Batumi” as a piano player. In 1993 he has started work in cultural center of Khelvachauri as a music producer. In 1995 Zaal became a laureate of a first international festival, which was dedicated to music created about Batumi. He has wife and child.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Federica & Roberta Di Franco – Italy
“Notte di stelle” (“Night of stars”)

Lyrics: Nunziata Intieri
Music: Giorgia Duranti

Federica and Roberta are twins. They was born in Palermo, both of them are studying didactis of the music at the conservatory of Palermo. They sing together in duet. Federica and Roberta hope to become directors of a school music. They want to be music educators with passion. Also they want to write a songs, as professional songwriters.
Support: LC Palermo Leoni, LC Palermo dei Vespri, LC Palermo Monte Pellegrino, LC Palermo Host, LC Palermo Federico II, LC Palermo Mediterranea.

Lidia Di Giorgio – Italy
“Attimi di magia” (“Magic moments”)
Lyrics: Lidia di Giorgio
Music: Lidia di Giorgio
Lidia comes from Sicily, Trapani province. She graduated law at the University. She loves sport, especially swimming. She has set an Italian record of 200 m in freestyle and is an Italian champion in all swim styles. In 2009 she sang in Acireale with her idol Gigi D'Alesio. She took second place at the International Festival "Voci del Sud" ("Voices of the South"). Lidia is a cheerful person, determined and extremely open to the needs of others, but above all, hard-hitting the ground.
Support: LC Trapani.

Ewa Domańska – Poland
“Czas i ty” (“Time and you”)
Lyrics: Ewa Domańska

Music: Ewa Domańska
She is passionate with music since she was a child. As a kid she was play music on lid of the pot. During education in music schools in Krakow she was developing in two directions: classical and entertaining. Ewa was taking part in Erasmus Socrates scholarship, she was learning in University of Music and Dance in Hamburg. Her dream is to record her own music album, on which she will show what is inside her.
Support: LC Kraków Stańczyk.

Carlo Giardino – Italy
“If you break my heart”
Lyrics: Carlo Giardino

Music: Carlo Giardino
Carlo is playing piano since childhood. His passion is singing and lyric opera. He graduated Music Conservatory with honors and get a diploma in lyrical singing. At present he is devoted to playing the guitar and composing music. He has many different passions. One of them is athletics, where he won many sports competitions and won twice the title of Italian Champion at 100 and 200 m. He loves traveling and sea.
Support: LC Brescia Cidneo.

Francesco Gravina – Italy
“Vivi la notte” (“Live the night”)
Lyrics: G. Di Gioia
Music: F. Barnaba
Francesco was born in Taranto. He loves music and singing. When he was 12 years old, he has been diagnosed with genetic degenerative disease. Currently he works as a telephone operator. He is learning to play the piano and violin. He takes lessons in lyrical singing and amateurly records many songs. As he writes about himself, "he is like stubborn maniac, he is always striving for perfection." He loves the melodious Italian music of the 70s. He participated in local, regional and national competitions such as Premio Crisalide.
Support: LC Taranto Host.

Mar Gunnarsson – Iceland
“In the stars”
Lyrics: Tomas Eyjolfsson

Music: Mar Gunnarsson
Mar was born in Reykjavik with genetic sight disorder LCA (Leber Congentials Amaurosis). His hobby is swimming, he represents Iceland in this sport discipline. Mar is studying at the Comprehensive Surdurnes Collage.
Support: LC Perlan.

Abdou Aziz Jallow – Gambia
“Lanjur” (“Disability”)
Lyrics: Abdou Aziz Jallow
Music: Abdou Aziz Jallow
He became blind when he was seventeen, through a football match accident. The change brought in an amazing inspiration in him. He attended GOVI School for the Blind. He is currently a teacher at the School for the blind in the Gambia. Abdou is also a registered and recommended artist at the Gambia National Centre for Arts and Culture. He has participated in musical competitions where he was only visually impaired artist. He still strive to show the world disability is not inability.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Ivan Jelenčič – Czech Republic
„Hraj“ („Play“)
Lyrics: Ivan Jelenčič
Music: Ivan Jelenčič
He was born in Slovakia, but now he is living in Olomuc in Czech Republic. When he was two years old, it turned out the he has serious disease of eyes. Now he is practically blind. In a special elementary school his teacher of music directed his life to music. He graduated State Conservatory and Komenského University - Pedagogical faculty, section „Teaching of vocational subjects“. He became a music teacher in various institutions and started to focus on visually impaired children and youth. He is leader of  Cyclop-Band and of project „We teach art to everyone“. He specializes in rock organ, but he also plays guitar and bass guitar.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Fabrice Morandeau – France
„Ma Vocation” („My calling”)
Lyrics: Fabrice Morandeau
Music: Fabrice Morandeau
His artistic nickname is FaMo. Fabrice is music teacher and dance teacher. He was traveling with the Bordeaux troupe “Les Compains” and participating in the shows around Branssens and the Commune of Paris. He graduated science of language, and he was studying inter-linguistic in Poland. He is very creative person and he is participation in many music projects. He can speak Esperanto and now he sings in chorus and prepares album in Esperanto.
Support: LC Le Mans Centre.

Marco Olivieri – Italy
„Throw away”
Lyrics: Gianluca Fiocco
Music: Marco Olivieri 
Was was born in Verona. Marco lost his sights when he was 2,5 years old, but in this short period he discovered colors, which had great influence on his creativity and imagination. At the age of 6 he lost his right ear hearing. Since childhood he was learning to play the piano, which he continued in Music Conservatory in the organ playing class. Marco graduated philosophy studies. He writes music since he was 17 years old.  At the age of 30 he moved to Rome, where he developed in fields of art and literature. He especially likes to improvise.
Support: LC Roma Appia Antica.

Rivolino Wyngaarde (The Remory Band) – Holland
Lyrics: R. Eveleens
Music: E. Clotida

Rivolino is Dutch, blind singer. He used to sing in a church choir and gospel choir. Rivolino is known for his smooth voice. He is influenced by: Tony Benett, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies Junior. He is vocalist in Remory Band, which was founded in 2006. All the members of band are blind.
Support: LC Huizen.

Francisco Javier Rodriguez Ortega – Mexico
 „Still without you” (“Y aún sin ti”)
Lyrics: Jesús José Rodriguez Ortega
Music: Jesús José Rodriguez Ortega

Francisco was born in Mexico in city Chihuahua. He graduated Academy of Fine Arts. For three years he live in Poland and he learn Polish.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Elisabetta Russo – Italy
“Piu’ amore dentro me” (“More love inside me”)
Lyrics: Giusy Caimi
Giusy Caimi

She was born in Albano Lazie. She sees perfectly… inside her! She had diploma of blind operator of telephone exchange. Her life is everlasting challenge. Elisabetta took part in competitions, recorded songs, got a submarine diving license, trained Kick Box and glided on a paraglider. In 2010 she joined the group "Comici Poetici". She is the first Italian blind actress and she performed in a number of theatrical plays. Her life shows that disability is not a reason for giving up creativity.
Support: LC Velletri Host Colli Albani, LC Monteporzio Catone, LC Anzio-Nettuno.

Omar Taki – Morocco
„My country, Morocco”
Lyrics: Omar Taki
Music: Omar Taki

Omar was born in Ojuda in Morroco. He is teacher of musical education in Institute of Mohamed of plind people protection. He speaks Arab and French. His hobby is music, theatre, singing and swimming.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Tamar Tsalkalamanidze & Giorgi Basilashvili – Georgia
„Ertmanetis gulebi siyvarulit gavatbot”
Lyrics: Mimosa Canava
Music: Rusudan Mumladze
Tamar was born in Tbilisi. She graduated Tbilisi State University in 2009 and Ilia State University in 2011. Now she is working in Culture Centre of Union of Blind in Georgia in ensemble “Nana” as a singer. She is also working in revenue service.

Giorgi came from Dusheti. He graduated University of Cinema and Theatre in 2015. Now he is working in Culture Centre of Union of Blind in Georgia in ensemble “Krwanisi” as a singer. He is also playing in Georgian football team for blind.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Irene Verzeletti – Italy
“Daddy Song”
Lyrics: Sara Binaschi
Music: Claudio Banzato
Irene works as a clerk at the university. She like theatre and acting, as a hobby she likes to recite. She is very efficient and energic, so she often helps in home works. He she wonderful dog Labrador, which is everything for her. Irene loves to travel and, of course, she loves to sing!
Support: LC Roma Appia Antica, LC Civitavecchia Santa Marinella Host, LC Roma, LC Roma ARS Pacis, LC Roma Augustus, LC Roma Host Castel Sant'Angelo, LC Roma Mare, LC Roma Pantheon, LC Terni Host, LC Tivoli d'Este.

Oliwia Serafin – Polska/Poland
Lyrics: Urszula Ostrowska
Urszula Ostrowska
Oliwia Serafin comes from south-east Poland. She is student of sound engineering faculty at Special Education Center for Blind and Vision Impaired Children in Krakow. Music and playing with music is her passion since childhood. She call herself “walking jukebox”. Oliwia loves to sing folklore music, especially Ukrainian, Slovakian and Russian. Sound is her light, signpost and meaning of life. Most important for her is family and friends. She wants share her love to music with everyone.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Szymon Wasiłowicz – Poland
“Ballada o balladzie” (“Ballad about ballad”)
Lyrics: Barbara Szczepańska
Music: Jacek Zieliński
Szymon comes from Olsztyn. He works as corrector and tuner of musical instruments. He has always been passionate about rock climbing, literature, and jazz music. In May he released his first volume of poetry "Alter Ego". He loves philosophy, often devotes himself to internal considerations of human life. With his song he wants to induce to inner reflection.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Henrich and Norbert Wilnrotter (NH6 Group)  – Slovakia
“Svet potrebuje lasku” (“The world needs love”)
Lyrics: Henrich and Norbert Wilnrotter
Music: Palio-Palvo Lobotka
Henrich and Norbert are twins. They have their own project – the NH6 Group, which was formed in 2006. Their first song was “The beginning was hard”. Since that moment, they try to improve their songs and create more and better songs. They also play concerts. In 2012 NH6 Group participated in Czech-Slovak edition of “Got Talent” show, where they got to the finals. They are currently working on first official music album.
Support: LC Kraków Stare Miasto, LC Kraków Śródmieście, LC Kraków Stańczyk, LC Kraków Bona Sforza.

Youssri Mejdoubi– Balgium
„No More Blame”
Tekst/Lyrics: Youssri Mesdoubi Haddasi
Muzyka/Music: Jonach
Mesdoubi is blind singer and musician. He is music and piano teacher. In 2012 he was participating in Belgium “Got Talent” show in which we gets to the finals. He recorded one full album in 2014, which is called “Omdat het siuis is” (14 tracks).
Support: LC Sint-Joris-Winge

Festival Special Guests

Szilvia Agardi – Hungary

Winner of 2nd Lions World Song Festival for the Blind. Despite of that she was learning in Economic High School, she was always interested in music. She took part in many contests and also in talent show “Voice of Hungary”. She was one of finalists in preliminary concert to Eurovision Contest. She won prizes: Golden Bell Award, Vodafone Angelus.

Grazvydas Sidiniauskas – Lithuania
In 2013 on the first edition of Lions World Song Festival for the Blind, he sang his song “Waiting”, which gave him first prize. He was also Special Guest of second edition of Festival. He plays saxophone, oboe, piano and guitar. He write his first song when he was twelve. Grazvydas took part in many nationa and international contests. He also reach semi-finals of Eurovision Contest.